Cap Blanc

Cap Blanc is an impressive steep coast of 90 metres high, nearly vertical, situated in the south of Majorca and indicates the the final of the platform of Llucmajor´s Coastal Area Administration along the mediterranian coast. A lighthouse there marks the south of Majorca to the navigators,  having  very similar charactheristics as Cap Enderrocat.

It forms a part of the calcareous platform, known as the Marina de Llucmajor. The flat landscape, which forms the major part of the area, contrasts with the caves and rocky coasts situated in the southern area and is declared as a Special Birds Protecttion zone.

Wild olive trees, shrubs and aquatic fern, together with endemic species, accomodated in the rocks, form the flora of the zone, amongst which distinguish, in lower quantity, cultivated trees (Almond-trees) and grasslands, distributed all over the terrain.