With reference to the most popular dishes of our gastronomy hay cite Mallorcan soups, rice brut vermar noodles, dry type rice paella, What is the UN muffin baked classic Tumbet, fried eggplant, potatoes and peppers with tomato and fried Also The Spaniard, with vegetables and giblets.

With reference to the Majorcan fried with potato, onion tender Fonoll, chillies and peppers must be said that proteins can spice in many ways: roasting lamb, pork or poultry and can become a fried sailor, squid or cuttlefish.

With regard to meat, it includes the popular roast pork, roast lamb and escaldums a tasty stew stew made with meat type duck or turkey, potatoes and almonds. The loin with cabbage is another specialty.

The Queen of Mallorca is the famous sausages sobrasada Majorcan made from minced pork mixed with spices and red pepper. Also, the sausage, the camaiot butifarrones and enjoy great popular fervor Mallorca. Can be eaten roasted or without roasting.

Meat aside, the most gourmets say that the truly exquisite gastronomy of Mallorca are fish and seafood. The humble fish soup or the luxurious lobster stew is excellent in both Mallorca and Menorca where tastiest fish lobsters. The Cap Roig, the cock, the Soller prawns, crayfish, red mullet, the llobarro, and the mountain of that water, simply grilled, are delicious.Recommendation deserve the "raoles" of jonquillo a goby, without grit, exquisite

When it comes to desserts, is very popular ensaimada a fine paste of flour and butter. The smaller ones are taken at breakfast, and large or very large, filled with angel hair cream or toast, taste like dessert. Another local specialty in pastry are robiols, stuffed with cheese or jam. And the coca apricots or dried apricots, accompanied with ice cream. Raw almond ice cream is also Majorcan specialties. Do not forget to try the sweet potato cocas Valldemossa typical but can also be purchased in other towns and cities of Mallorca.