Nordic walking

In Mallorca, Nordic walking has been implemented in the last couple of years as a resistance sport or as a form of outdoor exercise with the help of poles similar to those used by skiers.

The most important thing to bear in mind when practicing Nordic walking is the use of the right technique. The technique introduced by its inventor (Marko Kantaneva) is the only one that has been backed up by numerous scientific studies. Nordic walking has a lot of advantages as opposed to other sport activities, since it activates about 600 muscles (about 90% of muscles in the human body). It is an activity designed to improve health rather than performance. In Mallorca, there is a Nordic Walking Members Club.

This club is called Nordic Walking Mallorca. It is a project that aims to set up Nordic walking centres on the island and take users to enviable natural spots. The club also intends to create the possibility of developing a health and fitness tourist product that can be used anytime of the year. They offer courses and organise trips.