Any island cannot ignore the sea, and Mallorca is no exception. Most coastal and beach areas in Mallorca give you the opportunity to practice water sports and hire sailboards, catamarans, kayaks and water skies.

All sailing sports (windsurfing, dinghy sailing, sport sailing, deep-sea boat races, important international boat races, etc.) are very deeply-rooted sports in Mallorca, where a great number of competitions of all kinds take place every year.

The King’s Sailing Cup, in which many worldwide known sailors take part, marks the summer in Mallorca and is an international point of reference for all sailing lovers.

The Princess Sofia Trophy, the Palma Vela boat race and the Almirante Conde de Barcelona Trophy are some other major sport events that also take place on the island every year.

The island has a wide range of yacht clubs and marinas that turn it into a privileged place where you can sail all year long, put in sporadically, hibernate and also do some maintenance work at the dry docks.

The major international boat charter companies have branches in Mallorca, where there are also a great number of nautical suppliers. Some charter companies such as Vela Clásica de Época specialise in specific sectors, in this case, in classic sailing boats that are in a perfect state of preservation.

However, if your ambitions are more modest, you can also go out to sea in company on a traditional pleasure boat or a modern sailing catamaran. Both crafts sail the waters every day and depart from many different ports to make day and night maritime routes. In Palma, they are perfect to discover the maritime facade and all the Bay of Palma while sailing along the city coast. On the other hand, if you want to learn sailing, most yacht clubs, as well as schools such as the Calanova Sailing School, offer sailing lessons for all levels.